The Scary Guy

He’s been called many names, by many people – although it will surely pique your curiosity as to why at the top of that list are names such as Agent For ChangeUrban Dalai LamaWarrior For Peace, and Mind-Waker.

Scary got his first tattoo at the ripe age of 30 years old, 32 years later, he has owned 3 tattoo shops in Tucson Arizona with 10 tattoo artists working for him.  He opened his first tattoo shop on Grant Road, Tucson Arizona called The Tattoo Shop in 1994 and then opened his 2nd shop on Broadway and his 3rd shop on Speedway.

In 1998 Scary legally changed his name to The Scary Guy and began to help kids stay off drugs and teach them how to respond to negative behavior.  In just 2 short years after he changed his name, Scary sold his tattoo business and dedicated his life to helping others.

Now He’s Back… “Opening my new Private Tattoo Studio in Wigan, England is so exciting for me as I will be going back to the art form I have loved my entire life.”  Although I never really left tattooing as even today, I tattoo the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world.

In the last decade and a half on the road, The Scary Guy has worked with schools, police forces, military, and a host of communities and corporate organizations through his live performances and across his active online networks – helping over 10 million people around the world to achieve personal peace and triumph in their lifetime.

The Scary Guy – his legal name, changed seventeen years ago – has dedicated his life to teaching others his powerful, solution-based theories and concepts on human behaviour and communication; a code that he has personally developed, in what he experienced as an absence of any clearly defined active solution from society.Scary Guy Tedx

It is a code that he has test-driven for the last 18 years and still lives by today. In his own words, with his face, hands, and neck fully tattooed, Scary says; Look at me! If what I teach did not work as a solution, I would not be here today. With the amount of negative that I receive and would have reacted to, I would either be in prison or dead.

The structures and thought processes that Scary presents to us directly address the socially negative and damaging behaviors that we frequently experience within human communication, which Scary defines as being based on the flow of words and actions as negative energy. 

We are living in a time when suicide is reported at an all-time high across the world’s media, and for many has become an uncomfortably common occurrence within our own communities.

Whilst suicide is one of the most extreme outcomes reported, it is not the only devastating risk of not educating people to acquire the skills to process the negative seen and heard from others. The impact of name-calling, harassment, intimidation, and bullying is residual. It is highly toxic and insidiously detrimental to educational achievement, emotional and physical health, success in family structure, and personal and work relationships – a negatively charged energy that festers at the heart of a person’s life.

There is a multitude of ‘anti-bullying programs and messages, which raise plenty of awareness of the problem but offer few real solutions for what to actually do in the moment … in the heat of the battle.

The success of Scary’s work is based on providing a highly accurate, cognitive framework for all people to use in that very second that they are faced with trouble. Scary has defined the steps for exactly what to do with negative words and actions that a person has experienced from another human. He shows the individual how to become fully responsible on a cognitive level for all of his or her own words and actions. He teaches the cognitive skills that will underpin all that they do and all that they become in their life, fully able to process the negative that others may produce – yet not become it or live with it, as a victim of it, in any way.

The Scary Guy teaches people the steps for the creation of A Powerful Mind!

“The Scary Guy is first and foremost about showing your true colors and appreciating those of others.”

– Phoenix New Times